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"Friendly no nonsense staff

They had a great selection with fair prices and seemed knowledgeable about their inventory. I was very pleased with the service and the quality of the products I purchased, and I will definitely keep them"

"Always a great experience when I visit Tree City!
Always a great experience when I visit Tree City. I always get the Sour Pebbles from Fraction Extraction and the CBD tinctures are a great option as well. The staff is great and the store is very inviting! -Noah"

"TreeCity is the best!

TreeCity is the best! Always a great selection and a friendly and knowledgeable staff that is very willing to answer any questions and help you make the best selections for your needs. TreeCity is the place to go!!!"

"Always a great selection! Knowledgeable and friendly staff, never disappointed!"

"Fantastic buds and a great deal for first time patients and beautiful oils. Montuc Onion Pheno was phenomenal will def be returning again."

"TreeCity Rules!
Awesome selection, really helpful/knowledgable staff. Will be going back!"

"OUTSTANDING, they have what you're looking for.

I LOVE tree city! The staff, atmosphere, and quality is OUTSTANDING! I think the price is okay because you know exactly what you're getting every time, I never leave disappointed or get something that I don't like. It's been great every time I have gone and I have been coming here for about a year now. Thanks TreeCity, you guys are great and hands down my favorite."

"Wish it was nearby

This is one of my favorite places. Awesome medicine. Comes in glass jars, nice taste too. A little on the pricey side, but it's worth it. I love the free eighth on first visit. Go here, you'll thank me."

"Exceptional Location - TreeCity

Have been a patient for over three years at this location and I have never had a negative experience with product/meds. The staff is most knowledgeable, respectful, friendly and most professional."

"Best Bud In A2

I have been going here for a while now and Garlic Cookies is the best bud I've smoked, for indica lovers it is a must. You can't beat their pre-rolls as well"

"Best In The West of A2

Easy to make a quick trip due to provided parking and an effective staff. The staff is always very friendly and kind. The bud is a little higher in price, but has an increased base quality. If you're looking for a provisioning center with a comfortable atmosphere that caters to its patients, this is the place to go."

"Best in Michigan

Flower is on point. Everything is here though. Thanks Blake for helping me and my wife make some great selections for our medical needs. You won't be disappointed at tree city. Very nice people."

"Great Every Time

Went back again to make sure I wasn't dreaming - So consistent. Best Meds in the state hands down without a question"

"Excellent Service with Great Education

Very friendly staff, they act like a happier version of a doctor's office. Any question I have they can answer with detail and no hesitation. I always enjoy going there because I know I won't leave in a bad mood and I know I'll enjoy whatever it is that I bought."

"Very relaxed environment

First time here and I didn't buy any bud, strictly came here to get an oil pen and cartridges. The staff is really cool, polite, and helpful. Keep in mind they do ask for a third form of ID so first time customers take a CC or another form of ID. Their pricing for their bud is higher than most places, which is why I didn't buy any. The quality of their oil is awesome 5/5. The atmosphere is really relaxed and laid back, very comfortable. It was a little tricky finding them since I'm not from the area but the gps solved that problem. Overall I would recommend their oils to everyone, and to check them out if you are in the area."

"Very nice, friendly, and professional

Very professional service, great medicine, and pharmacist was very knowledgeable. This was my first visit to any Ann Arbor medical pharmacies, and I was very impressed on how nice the establishment was, that it was very handicap accessible, and professional! Being an older patient, I appreciate that!"

"Best of the best hands down

The only 21 + club on the state and it shows. No kids here all adults. Don't have to worry about running into my daughter's high school friends. Best products by far as well. Nothing really compares all other provisioning centers in the area are silly in comparison."

"Best Buds in A2

The staff here is very friendly and the bud tenders are knowledgable. The prices are high, but the quality is great so no complaints here. They usually have a great selection. I go here when I want to spoil myself!"

"Best provisioning center I have ever been to.

The only thing I did not like about this place is how far it is away from my home, other than that I love this place, their staff is very friendly and knows their medicine to the tee. This place delivers nothing but QUALITY products. I have been to provisioning centers/collectives in Detroit, Ypsilanti, and Ann Arbor, none of them compare to the overall professionalism and quality products this place consistently brings me every time I come in, thank you Treecity!"

"New A2 Favorite.

I've been coming to this place for a couple months now and am blown away. Even the lower-priced strains are phenomenal. The CBD-rich meds are the best brand I've ever had, and very affordable. All of the consultants REALLY know cannabis, which I can't say for most provisioning centers I've been to in Detroit and Ann Arbor. At first glance, the concentrates seemed pricey... but after trying them, I've turned into a total concentrate snob. Only Fraction Extraction in these lungs from now on ;) Keep up the good work!"

"Great shop

Been here a couple times and have always walked out satisfied and with something new and something different than any other shop."

"Basically heaven!

This place was magical! You could tell the instant you got into the place! So professional looking! The bud quality was something you couldn't describe because it's the best I've ever seen! Went through there yesterday and they matched me up to $60 for being my first time! So I payed only $60 but got $120 worth of stuff! These garlic cookies and space gush have got me on somewhere else!"

"Great product and awesome first time discount

Went out here hash bash weekend and picked up the following strains Silver Pearl, Triangle OG Kush, Bay 11, and The White. The Silver Pearl was euphoric from the start, was great for chronic pain, and also made me very focused. The Triangle OG Kush hit me with a wave of relaxation, had a strong euphoric force field like presence, great for pain and was a medium chairlock. Bay 11 was also quite relaxing, also having a strong force field euphoric presence, great for chronic pain, and will give you the munchies. The White made me sleepy, was extremely great for pain relief, was a medium chairlock situation and made me focused. The staff at Treecity was very helpful and knowledgeable plus the product was great."

"Professional Staff and Magazine Worth Meds

Let's start with the staff because no 5 star business is without a 5 star staff. Sam and Kevin are incredible. I have had them both a couple of times now and they really know their stuff. It's like they went to medical marijuana college! I'm a rather inquisitive person and can be particular and rather long winded.... but they kept right up with my questions and concerns and made me feel right at home. Their medicine recommendations are always spot on... and the medicine WOW! I was getting to the point where I thought all weed was the same. Most us the stuff around these parts is pretty run of the mill, but when I walked into their beautiful bud room for the first time i couldn't pick my jaw up from the floor. Every flower from bottom shelf to top shelf was High Times photoshoot worthy, I kid you not! The flower actually smelled different from one another and they were all absolutely dripping in sugar. Price was pretty average for the area but what you get for that price is insane, the meds go so much further where I usually had to smoke a whole J to be medicated, I hit Garlic Cookies 1 or 2 times out of my glass and I am good. The fraction Carts are also a game changer. Thank you TreeCity! :)"