Getting the Desired Effect

There are major differences between THC and CBD. Tetrahydrocannabinol known as THC has always been the well known active cannabinoid found in marijuana. Recently, the United Kingdom began recognizing the medicinal benefits of the cannabinoid CBD(cannabidiol). This has lead many patients to become more interested in CBD.

THC provides relief with psychoactive effects that slightly alters the patient's perception. Some medical marijuana patients appreciate the psychoactive properties of THC while others find it uncomfortable or unnecessary.

CBD does not have psychoactive properties, the patient’s perception is not altered. For this reason, it is the preferable form of relief for individuals seeking the benefits of medical marijuana without the psychoactive properties. CBD is often used as a medication for minors, especially those who are suffering from epilepsy. CBD can lead to an immense reduction in the number of seizures occurring in epileptic patients.

CBD can be beneficial for a number of conditions including but not limited to chronic pain, anxiety, and muscle spasms. Depending on the circumstances of each patient, both THC and CBD can treat an assortment of medical conditions in various ways. The levels of these cannabinoids are tested in TreeCity medications before being made available to our patients. Consult with your physician before utilizing any form of medical marijuana.