Provisioning Center In Canton, MI

For all of your medical marijuana needs, TreeCity is your best option. For those that need a provisioning center in Canton, MI we are a very short drive and have a complete selection of medical marijuana products. Many communities throughout Michigan have made the choice to prohibit medical marijuana provisioning center, however, Washtenaw county recognizes its medicinal benefits.

We are located approximately 16 miles west of Canton, just 1 minute off of I-94 ( click for map ). We are open until 8 pm except on Sundays.

All of the marijuana products we offer have been lab tested for purity, contaminants, mold, and cannabinoid levels. This assures that our valued patients are only getting the highest quality and safest medication and allows us to provide each patient with precise dosing recommendations. In turn, we have achieved ultimate levels of customer satisfaction and keep our patients coming back from all over the state.

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We are a 21 and up Provisioning Center

Members under 25 are limited on concentrate purchases. Read our age policy for more specific details.

In order to join TreeCity, you need your valid Michigan Medical Marijuana Card, and a state-issued ID or Driver's License. Please bring a third piece of ID (Junk mail, car registration, phone bill or any Utility bill) on your first visit only. Your privacy is our top priority.

The local legislatures in Wayne County have allowed some provisioning center, but not in Canton. Counties and cities have the right to do this. We respect the decision they have made and we hope they revisit the issue in the future. For now, active MMMP cardholders can find great access to Medical Cannabis just 16 miles away at TreeCity.