Welcome New Member

If you are new to TreeCity we would like to say hello and thank you. Take advantage of our new patient offer. Spend up to $60 and we will match that amount in free meds of any type you like as a special gift. For over two years TreeCity has been offering all new patients this very lucrative offer.

Its simple, all new patients on their first visit will receive a matching donation of up to $60. If you spend $60 with us we will credit you $60 on the spot to use toward whatever you like in our provisioning center.

You do not need to spend $60 to get the offer. You could spend $30 and get a matching $30 credit. The offer does not carry over to your next visit so we suggest spending at least $60 on your visit so you can leave with $120 in medicine.

Of course you're free to spend more than $60 on your first visit, however the matching credit will max out at $60 and must be taken advantage of on your first visit. The offer is non transferable and can not be combined with any other offers.

There is no membership fee for signing up! Under Michigan State Law, Medical Cannabis Cards are required. In order to join Tree City, you need your valid Michigan Medical Cannabis Card, and a state-issued ID or Driver's License. Please bring a third piece of ID (Junk mail, car registration, phone bill or any Utility bill) on your first visit only.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

TreeCity Staff