Cannabis is available in a wide variety of strains ranging from sativa to indica. View our entire selection to see what's currently available. Check back often, this list changes regularly.

Medical Cannabis

Concentrates are a form of purified cannabis that is more potent than flowers, containing typically around 60-85% THC content. What sets our oil apart is that we do a complete extraction from bud only. This allows us to get a great floral and fruity flavor.

Cannabis Concentrates

Edibles area a great alternative to smoking since it eliminates harmful effects to the respiratory system. Depending on your metabolism, size, and tolerance it typically takes anywhere from 30-60 minutes to feel the effects of an edible.

Cannabis Edibles

Prerolls are perfect if you're on the go or just like convenience, our pre rolls could be just what you need. Many patients prefer this no fuss way of getting the medication they need.

Cannabis Prerolls