Providing our Patients and Staff with a Safe and Comfortable Atmosphere is Important

No one under 21 is allowed inside the facility. We are an Adult only Provisioning Center.

TreeCity does not allow the consumption of any cannabis based medication within 1000 ft of the building.

Redistribution of cannabis based medications is strictly prohibited. Unusual purchase habits that may indicate redistribution is immediate grounds for permanent membership suspension without a review process.

Tobacco or Vape usage is not allowed within 10 feet of the Door.

Calls must be taken outside. If you leave the building while in line you may forfeit your place.

In no situation will a patient or caregiver be able to receive more than 2.5 oz of medication, in any combination per day, Edibles excluded.

TreeCity staff members are not responsible for keeping track of people or belongings in or outside of the facility.

Your service animals must have proper identification to be allowed in our facility. Service animals must be wearing I.D and vaccination tags.

Only valid MMMP cardholders are allowed in the building. Exceptions are only made for the handicapped that may need special assistance.If you have friends in your car, we ask that they remain there until you have finished.

Absolutely No Firearms are allowed on premises - ATF requirement

Harassment and other inappropriate behaviors directed towards staff and other patients will not be tolerated.

Michigan law requires all medication be stored properly during transportation, i.e Lock Box, Trunk, somewhere inaccessible to the driver.

Thank you,
TreeCity Adult Provisioning Center