Safe, Clean, Medecine

At TreeCity, the safety of our patients is a priority. The biggest difference between our method and our competitors is we batch test every individual harvest. Batch testing means all the marijuana in our provisioning center is tested. Many competitors will strain test, this is when they test only the first batch, and then trust that the future batches will be the same quality. Not testing every harvest is dangerous. Our medicine is always lab tested for potency, and contaminants.

The new state mandated testing may force other providers to batch test in the future; TreeCity does it today. We are a dedicated customer of PSI Labs, and praise them for their rigorous lab testing standards. Not testing all your marijuana could expose patients to harmful contaminates.

All of our testing allows us to give our patients accurate weights. Cannabis weight can vary by 40% when wet versus dry. Would a pharmacy give a patient medicine with different weights and potencies? No, at TreeCity we have the highest standards in the industry.