Grow in an Adult Environment

TreeCity is growing and we have not stopped hiring yet. Our employees are career focused individuals earning great pay in a fun environment. Applicants must be a valid MMMP cardholder in order to be considered for any position.

Patient Consultants

Patient consultants are given the responsibility to sit down with our patients to discuss what medication might be most beneficial to their medical condition. They must be able to make suggestions about which form of medical marijuana could be beneficial to a patient’s condition. Consultants should all be extensively informed about the various strains, marijuana products, consumption methods and what is most beneficial for each condition.

Intake Handlers

Intake handlers sit down and consult with our valued caregivers about caregiver overages and all related issues. They are required to have the ability to extensively inform caregivers about all requirements for the acceptance of their medical marijuana. They must also fully inform potential caregivers about details regarding our lab testing policy. They are given the responsibility of staying in touch with caregivers and updating them on the results of the lab analysis.

Quality Control

Our quality control department is responsible for trimming the unwanted leaves off of the medical marijuana flowers after it has been determined that the marijuana is safe for consumption. Also, they are responsible for the accurate processing, trimming, weighing, and packaging of the medication. The role of our processors is vital because they conduct all of the final steps in making the medication ready for patient distribution.


Receptionists play a key role at our establishment. They are required to effectively inform and communicate with patients. They have the responsibility of maintaining order in the waiting area. They will be required to help every patient that enters the building. The ability to multi-task is crucial for this role during the busiest times of the day. Receptionists must also inform new patients of the rules of the facility. We require our receptionists to maintain a level of waiting room ambience that other provisioning centers simply do not provide.

Requirements For Consideration

If you believe you could be a good fit for a TreeCity position, just fill out an application for submission and bring it to us. A resume and a cover letter is also required with your application submission. All applications are available only at our establishment. All TreeCity employees will be required to have a background in the industry. Applicants may not have any felony convictions. Applicants must be a valid MMMP cardholder in order to be considered for any position. We encourage you to contact us with any questions or comments you may have.