Great Location
Just Off I-94

Exit 172, Jackson Rd., 1 Minute
drive east with easy parking.

$60 Matching Credit
New Patients Only

Spend up to $60 and receive an
equal credit on your first visit!

Adult Provisioning Center
21 Years & Over

Helping ensure our children are safe
and your visit is more comfortable.

Provisioning Center In Ann Arbor

At TreeCity we believe in clean medicine for all. Continual lab testing and heavy scrutiny has helped keep our patients safe from contaminants. In our state there are many grows that become infected with powdery mildew and mold. We will not accept these overages and have implemented SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) designed to catch any of these contaminates.

We also believe in protecting our youth. TreeCity is the only 21 and up Provisioning Center in Michigan. Ann Arbor has an overwhelming amount of young college students and that poses a serious “leakage” issue within our community. While other provisioning centers have embraced this student market, we have said “NO” to it.