A Safe Alternative to Opiates

If you already have a Doctor's recommendation and would like to apply for the MMMP state ID card or the Caregivers ID card, you must fill out and submit the necessary forms.

General Application

Michigan Medical Cannabis Application and information can be downloaded here.

Application for Minors

Minors in Michigan requesting an MMMP Card have a separate form which you can download here.

Change of Status

To maintain eligibility for the Michigan Medical Cannabis Program, you must stay current, to process a change of caregiver, update your personal information, or address please download caregiver's form or patient form.

General Renewal

Already an MMMP Member, renew before your expiration date to maintain your legal status. The Michigan Medical Cannabis Renewal Form is available here for download.

Minor Renewal

If you are a minor, or the caregiver of a minor, and they need to renew their MMMP card, you will fill out the minor renewal form.