Dispensary In Belleville, MI

Some cities do not recognize the value of medical marijuana. The good news is that TreeCity is happy to help medical marijuana patients from Belleville.TreeCity is your best option for a dispensary in Belleville, MI. We are only a short drive away making us the obvious choice for people looking for a convenient location to get their medicine. If you have an MMMP card please stop by!

We are located approximately 16 miles west of Belleville, just 1 minute off of I-94 ( click for map ). We are open until 8 pm except on Sundays.

We take great pride in having a great selection of flowers, wax, oils, edibles, pre rolls and more. We have all of your medical marijuana needs covered. What sets us apart from other dispensaries is our customer service. We have assembled a group of knowledgeable and friendly employees that will make your experience as pleasant as humanly possible. To ensure safety and quality all of our products are lab tested by a 3rd party laboratory.

New Patient Special Offer - Buy $60 Get $60 Free Details

We are a 21 and up Provisioning Center / Dispensary

Members under 25 are limited on concentrate purchases. Read our age policy for more specific details.

In order to join TreeCity, you need your valid Michigan Medical Cannabis Card, and a state-issued ID or Driver's License. Please bring a third piece of ID (Junk mail, car registration, phone bill or any Utility bill) on your first visit only. Your privacy is our top priority.

The local legislatures in Wayne County have allowed some dispensaries, but not in Belleville. Counties and cities have this legal right. We respect the decision they have made and we hope they revisit the issue in the future. For now active MMMP cardholders can find great access to Medical Cannabis just 16 miles away at TreeCity.