We Listened and Took Action

Being a part of the Ann Arbor community is a serious responsibility. Ann Arbor is home to one of the largest universities in the country and many local children. We take pride in serving one of the greatest towns in America. It is TreeCity's duty to help address the opioid epidemic and underage medical marijuana abuse.

The prescription drug epidemic is still a constant battle for our community. We take great pride in providing cannabis to cancer patients and people that suffer from chronic pain. Unlike prescription drugs, many studies have shown that marijuana is not physically addictive, and is never lethal. Cannabis can help people stay away from dangerous drugs.

We listened to local law enforcement and our patients; we decided to make our provisioning center 21+. Our decision was not popular with young people and other provisioning centers. We encouraged other provisioning centers to join us and become 21+. They all made it clear that the majority of their business was under 21 years old; profits were too important to them.

In the near future the MMMP will likely require all patients to be 21 and up. We support the MMMP and our state legislators for considering this very needed change.