About TreeCity Health Collective

At TreeCity we are constantly working toward creating a safer environment for our patients and community. Our strict 21 and over policy has been praised by local law enforcement and our members. Other dispensary operators have attempted to belittle us for not allowing minors. We understand that most dispensaries in Ann Arbor have a very large clientele that is under 21 years old.

When we implemented our 21 and over policy back in 2014, we reached out to all the local dispensaries to follow in our footsteps. To our surprise not a single dispensary was willing to implement a 21 and over policy. Most of them stating it would reduce business by 50% or greater. We did see a very large decrease in new patients and caregivers after we implemented our age policy. What we no longer see are carloads of teenagers sitting in our parking lot waiting for a friend to enter our establishment.

Responsibility over profit may not be the standard in our industry, but our members agree it is the right thing to do. We are constantly praised for this decision. Many of our adult patients have told us that they feel more comfortable in our facility and will never go elsewhere.


In October 2015 TreeCity implemented automated point of sale system that tracks customer spending and looks for unusual patterns. The system also limits any individual under 25 years old on the amount of concentrate purchased. We are sure that other dispensaries are allowing high volume purchases that are likely being sold and distributed to non medical patients.

Recent legislation in Michigan is calling for a 21 and up policy for medical marijuana. We praise our legislators for this action and we hope we helped influence this great legislative decision.