21 & OVER

Keeping Our Children Safe

Many people in our community have voiced their concerns about young adults (under 21) legally purchasing marijuana. Also, they were worried about them distributing their medicine to even younger friends. We knew that it was our responsibility to take action.

A strict policy at TreeCity. We now have a 21 and up policy. We hope that other local provisioning centers and the legislator will use our policy as an example. We think that we can help move the medical marijuana community forward.

Serving our patients and providing medicine to responsible adults is our passion. We believe that our strictly enforced 21 and over policy is the best way to keep medical marijuana out of the hands of the wrong individuals. Members under 21 who joined TreeCity Health Collective prior to the establishment of this policy are “grandfathered in” and may continue purchasing medication at our facility.

The wellbeing of the Ann Arbor community is important to us and our goal is to provide relief to those who need it. The goal of our policy is to help ease the public’s concern, and allow us to continue to serve our patients while respecting our community.